Monday, 23 June 2014

Seb's Woodland Quilt

Our new home has opened new links to the local communities, many through social media. One Facebook group I'm part of has been a unmissable source of information, advice and bargains! It was from this group I got my most recent commission.

Rohini was decorating her son, Seb's bedroom and wanted a patchwork quilt to be part of this. We chatted her woodland theme, I collected some design and fabric ideas.

These mood boards could give her an idea of the colours, patterns and themes I had in mind. We soon came to an agreement and I had my finished design.

This may not look much to you but it holds all the crucial measurements and direction I need. I don't think the finished product is far off my initial sketch!

I hand-quilted the sections together using white, dark and light green perle thread.

I have four rows of larger trees and 3 of smaller ones to create the idea of a vast wood leading off into the distance.

Each tree is made of 8 sections. The leaves are shaped with white triangles. Some of the leaves are made from small scraps I'd been saving for something special - the patchwork element added to the leaf look.

The back I kept to simple blocks of fabric - based around a gorgeous piece of woodland animal fabric. I echoed a landscape view by using strips of green at the bottom and a lovely teal blue and cream spot for the sky.

Its taken longer than I hoped with all the recent family turmoil, but Rohini has been super understanding and even offered kind words of wisdom.

Let's just hope young Sebastian likes it.

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Embroidery Sampler

There are a lot of lovely pictures of embroidery samplers in blogs and magazines - so inspired I came up with my own version.

I used colours to tie into Sophie's room - light blue and a grey/green to match the neutral wall colour and then the gold and pink to echo her accents colours. The fabric I wrapped the wooden frame in is scraps from making her curtains - a couple of dots of glue from a glue gun held it in place.