Saturday, 22 November 2014


I'm lucky to be surrounded by creative people and so when the lovely Judy invited me for a day of bookbinding it became a date I looked forward to...

She talked me through all the bits you need.

And soon we were cracking on with a pamphlet style book.

Using the bone folder to make our folds super crisp.

Neatening up the edges.

Choosing the cover - paper made by Jude!

Folding and cutting corners

Choosing some coloured thread to bind it all together.

Adding the finishing touches - a title indent!

Some bubbles and the log burner and plenty of chat made it the most perfect way to spend a wintery Saturday!

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Dometic Patchwork

This is clearly not the most exciting patchwork project I've done but much needed. Our ironing board cover had all but disintegrated and so I decided to recover using a picture I'd seen of vintage board covers as my inspiration.

It was a great wy to use up a lot of small scraps. I used mainly green fabrics to go with my newly painted wall you can just glimpse!

Monday, 3 November 2014

Stop Motion

Not exactly a crafty make from me but still creative! I wanted to share our wonderful attempt at making a stop motion film using the Stop Motion app.
Finn was 4 when we started making films and soon grasped the easy to use interface and it wasn't long until he ditched me as a co-creator and went solo as Director / screen-writer / cinematographer!

We used toys from the basket and quickly came up with a story line. He understood quickly that small changes and lots of snaps made a better film!

We even added background music and our own sound-effects!

I'd definitely recommend  next rainy day!