Monday, 6 July 2015

Skirty Sophie

I expect most three year old girls are very single-minded about what they wear - trying to encourage them into something that's not on their favourite list can be a red rag to a bull. Sophie insists on wearing skirts or dresses ('princess') nine days out of ten - hence the need for a couple of new options in her wardrobe.

The first follows a tutorial I found on Pinterest - it's a Japanese design with lovely piping pockets.

In my version I've used a precious piece of Charlie Harper's 'Cardinal Stagger' canvas from Birch Fabrics. I used black with tiny white dots for the piping.

The second is a simple design of two long tubes sewn together with a channel for some elastic around the waist. The Liberty fabric moves so lovely when gathered together like this.

I use a simple strip cotton for the underskirt.

Needless to say Sophie is pleased with her new clothes, but dressing hasn't got any easier now there is more choice!