Friday, 27 November 2015

Going Green

My wedding dress was made fast and did the job but was not the fairy princess frock I'd hoped for. So I decided to do something about it.

I started with the top and choose olive green dye.

After 1 hour of stirring, a quick wash and dry and my new top was done! I may wear it tonight...

Friday, 6 November 2015

Top to Frock

I've been having a clear out and two old H&M jersey tops were heading for the charity bag until I decided they would make good play dresses for the girl.

I started with a dress of Sophie's to - very roughly - check for sizes and measurements. I started with the pink top (as I liked it least!) and forgot to take any photos.

Cracking on the with second I knew what I was doing and whipped it up in about half an hour - slightly cheating by mainly using the over-locker. 

I started by chopping of the section under the arms to create the main skirt section of the dress. Then cut the sleeves off.

I then cut the bodice to a smaller width (approx 14") and sewed new shoulder seams.

I lay the sleeves together and cut off the about half inch from the original seam.

I then lay the two sleeves on top of each and using the dress I have for measurements I estimated a sleeve width. As my top had rolled sleeves I used scissors to cut through - it wasn't very neat but I knew I would be tidying it up later.

I found the centre of my sleeve and places this on the shoulder seam, pinned then over-locked into place. Repeat for other sleeve.


Then with right sides together I pinned the side seam and sleeve (opening out the rolled hem of the sleeve cuff). Then over-locked - carefully turning the corner under the arm. Repeat on other side. 

With the top section done I sewed two rows of long, basting stitches along the top of the skirt section leaving long tails to pull the gathers. 


Finally with right sides together I pinned the top to the gather skirt, gathering evenly as I went, matching side seams. I sewed on the sewing machine before over-locking to make neat.

With the sleeve cuffs and bottom, dipped hem still in place from the original top - that was it done! Pretty pleased at the refashion.

Monday, 2 November 2015

Christmas is coming...

I can tell as I've had a request for a bespoke advent calendar.

The commission was for something traditional with a Nordic feel - I think this combination of green, red and white does this. 

The lucky boy has his name embroidered along the bottom so there is no doubt who the goodies inside each pocket are for!